Why not get sore muscles

People age they start to complain of muscle and joint pain, more of them. They are bending over backwards for the paper age, stubborn and morning mundane tasks, such as the State dance, you can create them.
These pain so fiercely they starts deep in their bones grip. But the stiffness and pain lies the real cause of the Johns Hopkins University School of medicine, according to research from the bones or joints, but not in muscles and joints to move to the connective tissue.

Damaged by arthritis of joints in the joints of the bone rubbing surface friction resistance generated by the two is negligible.
Flexibility in the entire movement in one direction to another full exercise joint range of motion is used to describe a medical term. Movement to a large extent, more flexible joint.
You put a good flexibility, touch toes at your fingertips in the ass or butt joint range of motion. But you can easily spend the least amount of energy and power of the city? Joint exertion required to Flex is as important as the range of motion as possible.

Other factors, flexibility and ease of movement in joints and muscles, and other. Arm dream Chi and knee to set limits for sure in the bony structure itself. Others, such as the ankle and hip joints, and soft tissue-muscle and connective tissue, again — limit the range of motion.
Fixed joints and muscles become balky, and the problem of rarely used because of the difficulty of opening and closing the gate of the rusty hinges are similar.
If people regularly their muscles and joints through their full range of movement do not move, therefore, some loss of their potential. So these people after a long period of inactivity, you will want to move your joints, they feel pain and dissuade further use,
What happens next is a long period of time, and reduce waste and muscle cramps and spasms can be very painful and irritating, and production. Institute of laboratory animals with the immobilization of muscle demonstrated biochemical change brings about the organization.
However, other factors trigger the muscle soreness. here are some of them.

1. too much exercise
You always believe in the saying that "pain, no gain?", then, if you experience muscle pain already, it's not really surprising.
It is fast, with most people that they think too much weight the surest way to exercise. They are sick until they even though they are literally holds the body together with their muscles and connective tissue, tend to ignore.

2. aging and disabled
Connective tissue in the bones by tendons, bones, muscles, ligaments and the bones and muscles, called cover to cover and fasciae and binds together. age, tendons, ligaments, and is less scalable fasciae. Their dense packaged fiber and the most difficult to stretch the tendon is. The easiest is the fasciae. But if you improve joint mobility, muscle shortening, does not increase the fasciae on the path to the unjust pressure placed on the nerve fasciae. Follow the path that is a lot of pain and pressure of these travels is the result of a neurological stimulation

3. immobility
Muscle pain or muscle pain, owing to the body's reaction to cold or sick rats. This reaction is called a reflection, the body automatically animate splinting sore muscles contract. Therefore, you can set up a vicious cycle in pain, sore muscles.
First of all, do not use the muscle movement or abnormal position being held will be hurt. Shortened connective tissue around the muscle body. splinting reflections Causes more pain and eventually hurt the whole area. This issue is one of the most common site for waist.

4. the jerk theory
In the Physiology Laboratory at the University of Southern California, some people for more information about this cycle of suffering have set out.
They measured the electrical activity of muscles, using some device on the other hand, is not totally relaxed muscle. substantial activity shows no electrical activity, the researchers normal well-relaxed muscle. production

In one experiment, researchers measured the electrical signal of athletic injuries, these muscles, the muscles and the muscles to move first, and then, after have been stretched.
If you are going to all of the electrical activity or long to decrease muscle movements and relieved the pain, fully or partially.
These experiments "the jerk theory," a description of the development and persistence in the absence of any obvious cause of traumatic injury led to muscle pain, etc.
According to this theory, and uses the location or the weird and the sore muscles, resulting in muscle fatigue.

Therefore, it is very important to know the limitations and capacity