Exercise and Hypertension

It's a lot of Americans are living high blood pressure or hypertension leads to life. People age, the situation worsened. Almost half of all older Americans have high blood pressure. People with the disease to stroke, heart attack and cardiac arrest three times more likely to experience two or three times more likely tends to be more than 5 times.

This disease is a problem with almost 1/3 of people who have high blood pressure don't know it because they will never feel the pain of any direct. The power of that pressure, but the internal damage of the blood vessels in excess of the surfaces.

However, according to experts, the number of high blood pressure. Weight loss and exercise the desirable dietary pattern to reduce salt intake to adopt all help prevent high blood pressure.

Of course, bad habits, eating a low fat diet to shut down and will be helpful, but you can do one of the most important part of the movement. And as the movement to strengthen and improve muscle limb, it also improves the health of the heart muscle.

Cardio and exercise

Exercise stimulates the development of a new connection between the disabled and almost normal blood vessels, so that people had to exercise better blood supply to the heart of all muscle tissue.

The human mind is basically, local "myocardial infarction."In the heart of the myocardial blood supply, the status of a heart attack, or heart muscle do not get enough oxygen and other nutrients, and so it begins to die.

For these reasons, and after a series of carefully considered some researchers exercise in the heart of the development of these life saving detours can stimulate was observed. Research is more suitable exercise a few times a week is more often performed twice as a very violent movement than an effective in building these secondary path.

This information on the death of heart disease, hypertension, or fail-safe protection for panacea thinking has led to some people. That is not so. SIM was suffering high blood pressure, and exercise a marathon runner to another cannot overcome the combination of risk factors.

What causes high blood pressure?

Sometimes, you are responsible for kidney tumors. Also, researchers such as genetic lack of physical activity, obesity, and identify the common factors in terms of research. And so, what is low blood pressure can do to avoid the risk of developing high blood pressure? Again, the movement seems to be just any doctor can order.

If you think you will do what he is, then, on this list, locate and contemplate your lifestyle to integrate these things for free from the possibility of developing high blood pressure, how to start living life to try a few things. But systematic instructions before you begin, before getting into action on them is better.

1. See Your Doctor
Exercise programs, check with your doctor before you start. The level of physical activity — important changes made to the circulatory system, if you have a large and sudden needs to be done, especially with your doctor — again.

2. Slow It

Exertion and progress gradually in a low, comfortable level. For the progressive increase in the activities of step 2, the program is designed to be.

3. Want to Know Your Limits

Exertion for your safety. Sleep problems, and so on, there are a few clues to determine whether or not the group or the day after exercise fatigue. Once found, it stayed in. Over-exercising is dangerous and unnecessary.

4. Exercise Regularly

A minimum of three times a week and up to five times the most benefit, you need to work out. Once you have the benefit of single-exercise muscles in the week State peak. However, more often cardiovascular fitness activities is required.

5. Your Capacity and Speed of Movement

In the previous exercise for the optimal benefit of exercise capacity by 40% to 60%.

Indeed, the weight loss through exercise if you Wan tot to prevent high blood pressure is an excellent starting point. Increased risk of developing high blood pressure, experts, being overweight is associated with weight loss and reduce risk.